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Sundays, 2am to 5 am
Host: Moondog
148 Easter Sunday 2006
Hosts: Mark "grizz" Land & Mark "moondog" Cosentino


song~ artist {album}

burnpile~ dave hanley { gift horse }
people let's stop the war~ grand funk railroad { e pluribus funk }
slow ride~ foghat { live }
nothing is easy~ jethro tull { stand up }
fat man
we used to know
nursie~ jethro tull { living in the past }
orange blossom road~ dave hanley { gift horse }
the uncle freddie show~ bob newhart { behind the button down mind }
sea cruise~ glenn frey { no fun aloud }
that girl
tidal wave~ ozark mountain devils { it'll shine when it shines }
el nino~ stone gypsy
atomic punk~ van halen
partytown~ glenn frey
feel your love tonight~ van halen
little dreamer
ice cream man
on fire
life is a long song~ jethro tull
walking down the road~ozark mountain daredevils
have ye not read~ audio liquid { spiritual warrior }
grace of God go i~ flogging molly { swagger }
hound dog~ stone gypsy
do you feel like we do~ peter frampton { live! }
it couldn't be better~ozark mountain daredevils
e. e. lawson
chum~ better apes
don't let it bring you down~ neil young { after the gold rush }
kansas you fooler~ ozark mountain daredevils
southern man~neil young
fore~ better apes for the fgb's


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