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Sundays, 2am to 5 am
Host: Moondog
April 2, 2006


[two hour tour] this show dedicated to neil & pam duggan in South Monmouth, Maine

crunchy machine~ better apes {smells like ape spirit}

politically corrected satire~sumo sound

commie pinko radio

[witty banter]

wingpan~better apes {feelin' chummy}

fore~ better apes {frisbee golf boys for kpig}

[more witty banter]

used to it~ stone gypsy

what you want

[even more witty banter]


the haunting

~audio liquid {spiritual warrior}(bill dalhauser,mark welker, al land)

men of mighty reknown

[banter / shout out to neil]

and there was war in Heaven

have ye not read

[more bantering including "stumbled into a clearing"]

shekaynah glory

immanuel, emannuel

[even yet more banter]

el nino~ stone gypsy

[banter / clock monitor]

orange blossom road~ dave hanley band {gift horse}

burn pile

[gosh darn banter]


[sign out banter]

last condor waltz~ michael coulon



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