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Sundays, 2am to 5 am
Host: Moondog
March 26, 2006


knock yourself out~tower of power
knocked out~love dogs
only time will tell
cinnamon girl~neil young
heart of gold
light my fire~blues tribute {opening the doors}
light my fire~the doors
train of love~neil young
love you madly
love her madly~the doors
love me two times
fool for your love~neil young
saxophones~jimmy buffett
cowboy in the jungle
cowgirl in the sand~neil young
stacked actors~foo fighters { there is nothing left to lose }
learn to fly
gimme stitches
short skirt, long jacket~cake
what is hip~tower of power
the grand wazoo~frank zappa
soul sacrifice~santana { live at woodstock }
a walk in the dark~david bryne {uh-oh}
twistin' in the wind
the cowboy mambo(hey look at me now)
havana daydreamin'~jimmy buffett
desperation samba
barefoot children
cowboy heroes~hank williams III

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