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Sundays, 2am to 5 am
Host: Moondog
Feb . 26, 2006: Playlist Incl. "Crosscurrents" 5-7 am


you shook me~jeff beck {truth}
led boots{wired}
blues deluxe{truth}
whipping post~the allman brothers{fillmore east}
blue wind~jan hammer/jeff beck{wired}
one more saturday night~grateful dead{skeletons from the closet}
friend of the devil
drunken hearted boy~allman brothers w/ elvin bishop
crossing muddy waters~~john hiatt{crossing muddy waters}
what are we gonna do now
come on in my kitchen~chris thomas king{hellhound on my trail~songs of
robert johnson}
stones in my passerway~lucky peterson{hellhound on my trail~songs of robert
walkin' blues~susan tedeschi{hellhound on my trail~songs of robert johnson}
stormy monday~the allman brothers{fillmore east}
ridin with the king~eric clapton & bb king {songs of john hiatt-it'll come
to you}
feels like rain~buddy guy{songs of john hiatt-it'll come to you}
thing called love~bonny raitt{songs of john hiatt-it'll come to you}
icy blue heart~emmylou harris{songs of john hiatt-it'll come to you}
dirty life and times~warren zevon{the wind}
disorder in the house
knockin' on heaven's door
heaven's gate~better apes(mark land& rob kam){heavy nylon tour}
hilltop~rob kam solo instrumental
dancin' on a thread
blind moon melon dog~better apes w / spawn donkeys
why must they slap us awake
cry, baby, cry (beatles cover)~better apes(mark land& rob kam){heavy nylon

only time will tell~jimmy buffett{banana wind}
jamaica mistaka
chum~better apes w / spawn donkeys
red sails in the sunset~fats domino
let it rock~chuck berry
la bamba~tokens
shakin' all over~terry dene
good timin'~jimmy jones
i wanna be an ape like you~waybacks{devolver}
desdemona's building a rocket ship~jimmy buffet{banana wind}
wooden ships~jefferson airplane
lirty dies:sadman maddam & yubble-doo, prad beasts, and lenator sott~bill
strauss of capitol steps
schoolboy heart~jimmy buffett{bananawind}
perfectly good guitar~john hiatt{anthology}
mental floss~jimmy buffett{bananawind}
criminal~fiona apple
sweet aphrodisia (dawn)~stone gypsy
white rabbit~jefferson airplane
what's done is done~briarwood
passion train
put another bullet in the jukebox
compadres in the old sierra madre(woody paul cover)
gone wanderin'~jackie greene
tell me mama, tell me right
travelling song
mexican girl
la cantina el gato negro~michelle shocked
wanted man


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