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Sundays, 2am to 5 am
Host: Moondog
Feb . 4, 2006


so like candy~elvis costello
tobacco road~war with eric burden
after the fall~elvis costello
she'll hang the baskets~cake
jumpin' jive~joe jackson
religion and sex~paul krassner
is she really going out with him~joe jackson
shadow boxer~fiona apple
less than strangers~tracy chapman
why can't we be friends~war
angel of sunlight~santana
comedy gang of seven~rick reynolds
angel~jimi hendrix
hey baby (new rising sun)
earth blues
astro man
in from the storm
sunday papers~joe jackson
monkey pants~waybacks
hesitation blues
salty dog~cat power
sea of love
riders in the sky~dick dale
{weekly address}
secret surfin' spot~dick dale
night rider
variations on the carlos santana secret chord progression~zappa
gee i like your pants
shut up and play your guitar some more
canard du jour
tell it like it is~tracy chapman
give me one reason
{weekly address}
supernaturally~nick cave and the bad seeds
crying~tom bodett
abattior blues~nick cave and the bad seeds
sandy river belle~sharon shannon

peace out
walk in beauty

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