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Host: Moondog
Jan. 28, 2006

  falling away
hog medley
rank strangers to me
fox on the run
gospel bong
rocky top~the osborne bros
mama don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys~willie nelson "time slips away"
funny how time slips away
smokin' willie
roll in my sweet baby's arms~lester flatt & the nashville grass
it's a long way to the top of the world~the osborne bros
runaway train~rosanne cash "kings record shop"
the pretender~jackson browne "solo acoustic volume 1"
mr.soul~david west "pickin' on * neil young"
heart of hearts~tom russell
your bright baby blues~jackson browne "solo acoustic volume 1"
for a dancer
comfortably numb~dar williams "my better self"
haley's comet~tom russell "vintage americana"
oil field girls
choctaw bingo~ray wylie hubbard "delirium tremolos"
that's right (you're not from texas)~lyle lovett "live in texas"
my baby doesn't tolerate~lyle lovett "my baby doesn't tolerate"
dallas after midnite ~ray wylie hubbard "delirium tremolos"
big iron~marty robbins "gunfighter ballads"
el paso (long version)
mexican girl~ jackie greene "gone wandering"
down in the valley woe
crazy~ willie nelson "time slips away"

{walk in beauty} peace ... out



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