Monday Night at the Opera 

Classical Music 7:00-9:30pm

May 14, 2007

Hosted by: Meera Collier-Mitchell


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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Missa in C Major, K. 317: Krönungsmesse
(Coronation Mass)

  • Kyrie
  • Gloria
  • Credo
  • Sanctus
  • Benedictus
  • Agnus Dei

Kölner Kammerchor

Collegium Cartusianum

Peter Neumann, cond.

·        Patrizia Kwella, Soprano

·        Ulla Groenewold, alto

·        Christoph Pregardién, tenor

·        Franz-Josef Selig, bass

Mozart Masses

Virgin Classics


George Frederick Handel

Susanna, an Oratorio

Part I, Scene 1:


Chorus: How long, oh Lord, shall Israel groan?

Joacim: Clouds o’ertake the brightest day

Joacim, Susanna: When thou art nigh

Chelsias: Who fears the Lord may dare all foes

Joacim: When first I saw my lovely maid

Susanna: Would custom bid

Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra

U.C. Berkeley Chamber Chorus

Lorraine Hunt, soprano: Susanna

Drew Minter, counter-tenor: Joacim (Susanna’s husband)

Jill Feldman, soprano: Daniel / An attendant

William Parker, Baritone: Chelsias (Susanna’s Father) / Judge

Jeffrey Thomas, tenor: 1 Elder

David Thomas, bass, 2 Elder


Nicholas McGegan, Cond.

Handel: Susanna

Harmonia Mundi


Chelsias: Peace crown’d with roses

Susanna: Without the swain’s assiduous care

Joacim: The parent bird in search of food

Scene 2:

Susanna: On Joacim may every joy attend

Susanna: Bending to the throne of glory

Scene 3:

First Elder: Tyrannic love

First Elder: Ye verdant hills, ye balmy vales

Scene 4:

First Elder, Second Elder: Say is it fit that age?

Second Elder: The oak that for a thousand years

First Elder: When the trumpet sounds to arms

Chorus: Righteous heav’n beholds their guile


Part II, Scene 1:

Joacim: Frost nips the flowers

Joacim: On fair Euphrates’ verdant side

Scene 2:

Susanna: Lead me to some cool retreat

Susanna: Crystal streams in murmurs flowing

Attendant: Ask if yon damask rose

Attendant: Beneath the cypress’ gloomy shade

Scene 3:

Susanna: But hark, what sudden noise?

First Dlder: Blooming as the face of spring

Second Elder: The torrent that sweeps in its course

Susanna, First & Second Elder: Away, ye tempt me both in vain

Scene 4:

Second Elder: I caught the fair deliquent

Susanna: If guiltless blood be your intent

Chorus: Let justice reign