Musica della sera

Classical Music 7:00-9:30pm

Playlist for Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hosted by Nicholas Mitchell

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7:00 pm

Occupy 1720: War, Debt, Corruption, Political Feuds, and a Stock-Market Bubble & Crash

A concert of 2012 Carmel Bach Festival


Jacques de Saint Luc

The departure of the Fleet; Trumpet Rigadon; The Siege of Gaeta

Nell Snaidas, soprano and four-course guitar; Geoffrey Silver and David Vanderwal, tenors; Edwin Huizinga, violin; William Skeen, viola da gamba and cello; Daniel Swenberg, baroque guitar and baroque lute

Carmel Bach Festival 2012

Carmel Bach Festival



Lewis rails: the raising of two million pounds by the Bank of Great Britain


Jacques de Saint Luc

The Arrival of Prince Eugene



Over, over, Hannover over; Mat’s Peace; Credit restored: Whigs, Tory, and Jacobite responses


Henry Purcell

In Pimps & Politicians



A Satyr on the East India Company



The Stocks: High Change in Change Alley


Thomas D’Urfey

The Hubble Bubble


Henry Purcell

Two in One upon a Ground



A Satyr’s advice to a Stock-jobber



In London stands a famous pile


J.S. Bach

Suite in A Major, BWV 1025, after Silvious Leopold Weiss: Sarabande; Courante



O Cursed Power of Gold; Debtors’ welcome to their Brother; Behold a poor dejected wretch


Daniel Purcell

Dialogue between a Town-Sharper and his Hostess

8:00 pm



Symphony No. 3 in D Major, D. 200


Failoni Orchestra, Budapest; Michael Halasz, conductor


Schubert: Symphonies Nos. 3 and 6



8:30 pm



Piano Trio, Op. 50


Trio Passionato: Alexander Jablokov, violin; Klaus-Peter Hahn, violoncello; Yur A. Rozum, piano


Tchaikovsky: Piano Trio, Op. 50


Hänssler Classics


9:20 pm

Sleep, poor friend, Op. 47, No.4; A tear trembles, Op.6, No.4

Sergei Leiferkus, baritone; Semion Skigin, piano

Tchaikovsky: The Complete Songs, Volume 1

Conifer Classics


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