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J.S. Bach
(1685 – 1750)

Letzte Stunde, brich herein, from Cantata BWV31 (Heaven laughs, the earth rejoices)

Elizabeth Watts, soprano; Katharina Spreckelsen, oboe; The English Concert, Harry Bicket, director

J.S. Bach: Cantatas & Arias

Harmonia Mundi

Cantata #211: The Coffee Cantata

          Recit: Schweigt Stille (Quiet!)

          Air: Hat man nich (A man gets nothing)

          Recit: Du böses Kind (Naughty child!)

          Ei wie schmeckt (Oh how good it tastes)

          Recit: Wenn do mir nicht (If you don’t give it up…)

          Air: Mädchen (Teenaged girls!)

          Recit: Nun, folge (Now will you do it?)

          Air: Heute noch (Oh, make it happen!)

          Recit: Nun geht (Off goes the old man…)

          Trio: Die Kätzen (Cats [cannot leave the mice alone])

Ann Monoyios, soprano

John Ostendorf, bass-baritone

Johannes Somary, conductor

Amor Artis Baroque Orchestra

The Coffee Cantata, &c.

Lyrichord Early Music Series


Paul Hindemith
(1895 – 1963)

Ranier Maria Rilke, text

Six Chanson nach Rilke (1939)

          La Biche (The Doe)

          Un Cygne (A Swan)

          Puisque tout passe (Since all is passing)

          Printemps (Springtime)

          En Hiver (In Winter)

          Verger (Orchard)

Netherlands Chamber Choir, Uwe Gronostay, conductor

Paul Hindemith: Choral Works


Claude Debussy
(1862 – 1918)



          La soirée dans Grenade

          Jardins sou la pluie

Alain Planès, piano

Claude Deubssy: Images

Harmonia Mundi


Morten Lauridsen
(b. 1943)

Madrigali: Six ‘Fire Songs’ on Italian Renaissance Poems (1987)

          Ov’è, lass’, il bel viso? (Alas, where is the beautiful face?)

          Quando son piú lontan (When I am farthest)

          Amor, io sento l’alma (O love, I feel my soul)

          Io piango (I weep)

          Luci serene e chiare (Eyes serene and clear)

          Se per havervi, oime (If, alas, when I gave you)

Polyphony, Stephen Layton, conductor

Morten Lauridsen: Lux aeterna



David Froom
(b. 1951)

Serenade (1994)

Jeffrey Silberschlag, trumpet; Seattle Symphony, Gerard Schwarz, conductor

The American Trumpet


John Williams
(b. 1932)

          “One Small Fact”

          Ilsa’s Library

          The Snow Fight

          Learning to Read

          Max and Liesel

Various instrumentalists, conducted by John Williams

The Book Thief

Sony Classical


Felix Mendelssohn
(1809 – 1847)

Songs without Words, Op. 19

          No. 4 in A major

          No. 5 in F-sharp minor

          No. 6 in G minor (“Venetian Gondola Song”)

Daniel Adni, piano

Mendelssohn: Songs without Words

EMI Classics


J. S. Bach

Jesu, der du meine Seele, BWV 78

          Chorus: Jesu der du meine Seele (Jesus, thou my soul)

          Duet: Wir eilen mit schwachen, doch emsigen Schritten (We hasten with faint but eager steps)

          Recit: Ach! Ich bin ein Kind der Sünden (Oh! I am a child of sins)

          Aria: Das Blut, so meine Schuld durchstreicht (The blood, as by stroking my fault)

          Recit: Die Wunden, Nägel, Kron und Grab (The sounds, nails, crown and grave)

          Aria: Nun du wirst mein Gewissen stillen (Now you will satisfy my conscience)

          Chorale: Herr, ich glaube, hilf mir Schwachen (Lord, I believe, help my weakness)

Catherine Bott, soprano
Daniel Taylor, countertenor
Jeffrey Thomas, tenor
William Sharp, baritone
American Bach Soloists / American Bach Choir, Jeffrey Thomas, conductor

American Bach Soloists: Cantata Series, Volume VI


Felix Mendelssohn

Vier Lieder, Op. 100

          Andenken (Memory)

          Lob des Frühlings (In Praise of Spring)

          Frühlingslied (Spring Song)

          Im Wald (In the forest)

RIAS Kammerchor, Hans-Christoph Rademann, director

Mendelssohn: Choral Works

Harmonia Mundi

J. S. Bach
Arr. Ward Swingle


          Zweistimmige Inventionen Nr. 1 in C minor (BWV 772)

Swingle Singers

Jazz Sebastian Bach









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