Musica della sera

Classical Music 7:00-9:30pm

Playlist for Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hosted by Meera Collier-Mitchell





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Rudolf Escher

Songs of Love and Eternity (1955)

  1. These are the days when birds come back
  2. Wild nights!
  3. Heart, we will forget him!
  4. The wind tapped like a tired man
  5. To make a prairie it takes a clover

Netherlands Chamber Choir, Ed Spanjaard, cond.

The Choral Works of Rudolf Escher

NM Classics

Ernest Bloch

Baal Shem (1923)

  1. First movement: Vidui (Contrition)
  2. Second movement: Nigun (Improvisation)
  3. Third movement: Sinchas Torah (Rejoicing)

Leonard Friedman, violin

Allan Schiller, piano

Bloch: Baal Shem, etc.

ASV Digital


Traditional Jewish

Psalm 113

The King’s Singers (vocal)

Saraband (instrumental)

Sacred Bridges

World Village

Salamone Rossi Hebreo
(1570 — about 1630)

Psalm 118

Instrumental improvisation

Psalm 2

Jan Pieterszoon Sweelink
(1562 –1621)

Psalm 7

P. Chesnokov

Let My Prayer Arise

Slavyanka, Men’s Slavic Chorus, Paul Andrews, director

Russia Old and New

Slavyanka Chorus, Inc.

The Good Thief

G. Lomakin

Cherubic Hymn


John Tavener
(b. 1944)

Ikon of Light (sung in Greek)

  1. Phos I
  2. Dhoxa
  3. Trisagion I: Agios o Theo
  4. Mystic Prayer to the Holy Spirit
  5. Trisagion II: Agios of Theos
  6. Phos II
  7. Epiphania

The Tallis Scholars, Peter Phillips, conductor

Members of the Chilingirian String Quartet

John Tavener: Ikon of Light, etc.



Edward A. MacDowell

Two Northern Songs, Op. 43 (1891)

  1. The Brook
  2. Slumber Song

Los Angeles Chamber Singers, Peter Rutenberg, conductor

Shenandoah: An American Chorister, 1890—1990


Halsey Stevens

Campion Suite (1967)

  1. There is a Garden in Her Face
  2. Thrice Toss These Oaken Ashes
  3. When to Her Lute Corinna Sings
  4. To Music Bent
  5. Night as Well as Brightest Day (Thomas Campion)


John Rutter

Suite Antique

  1. Prelude Ostinato
  2. Aria
  3. Waltz
  4. Chanson
  5. Rondeau

Duke Dobing, flute

Wayne Marshall, harpsichord

The City of London Sinfonia

John Rutter, conductor

Fancies: Music by John Rutter


Astor Piazzolla


Quartet San Francisco: Jeremy Cohen, violin; Kayo Miki, violin

Emily Onderdonk, viola; Joel Cohen, cello; John Santos, percussion


Violin Jazz Recordings

Chick Corea

Armando’s Rhumba


El dia que me quieras








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