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Playlist for October 22, 2001

( Composer-Composition-Performer-Album Title-Label )

Ingram Marshall-Rave, parts 1,2,3-Libby van Cleve, oboe-Dark Waters-New Albion

Michael Nyman-Piano Concert Suite-Michael Nyman Band-Live-Virgin

Stuart S. Smith-Links #6 (Song Interiors)-Hoffmann/Goldstein Duo-Crossfade-Capstone

Larry Polansky-Lonesome Road (The Crawford Variations,. sections 1-18)-Martin Christ, piano-Lonesome Road-New World

Bradshaw Pack-Arioso Distante-Pacific Baroque Orchestra-Alogos-Spool

Peter van Onna-Crystal Dreams-Rosa Ensemble-Troubling for Sugar-NM Classics

John Cage-Daughters of the Lonesome Isle-Margaret Leng Tan, piano-Daughters of the Lonesome Isle-New Albion

Ilhan Mimaroglu-Sing Me a Song of Songmy, part 2-Freddie Hubbard et al-Sing Me a Song of Songmy-Atlantic

Peter Garland-Dancing on Water-Marty Walker, clarinet-Dancing on Water-Cold Blue

Blue Gene Tyranny-Decertified Highway of the Dreams II-Go, Blue-OO Discs

Stephen Montague-Aeolian Furies-Guy Klucevsek, accordion-Free Range Accordion-Starkland

Terry Riley-Tread on the Trail-Jon Gibson, saxophone-In Good Company-Point

Hugh le Caine-Mobile: The Computer Laughed-Compositions Demonstrations (1946-1974)-EMF

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