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Host: Becca Stuhlbarg
Playlist for May 14, 2006
String Quartet no.5 - Phillip Glass (b.1937)
Kronos Quartet

Kontakte for electronics, piano, and percussion - Karlheinz Stockhausen
piano and percussion: David Tudor
percussion: Christoph Caskel
electronics: Karlheinz Stockhausen & Gottfried Michael Koenig

When David Heard Polyphony- Eric Whitacre
directed by Stephen Layton

The Black Page - Frank Zappa
Minnesota Contemporary Ensemble.

Metaphors - Edith Borroff
harpsichord: Barbara Harbach

Black Roller - Libby Larsen
Minnesota Contemporary Ensemble
Conductor: Alexander Platt

Circus Polka (composed for a young Elephant) - Igor Stravinsky
Michael Tilson Thomas, London Symphony Orchestra

Es Ist Genug - Sven-David Sandstrom
Paul Hillier, Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

The Making of a Path, Children of the Wind - Weber Iago
piano- Weber Iago

Music for Violin with Various Instruments, European, Asian and African - Lou Harrison
David Abel, Violin

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