20th Century Classical Music
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Hosts: Issac Anderson and Peter Koht


album / composer:song / label
street music of java / traditional:ronggeng / original music

american works for balinese gamelan / michael tenzer: banyari / new
world records

american master: lou harrison / lou harrison: three pieces for
gamelan with soloists; main bersama sama

karlheinz stockhausen: elecktronische musik 1952-1960 / stockhausen:
gesang der junglinge / stockhausen verlage

sonic youth; goodbye twentieth century / cornelious cardew: treatise
page 183 / syr records

iannis xenakis / iannis xenakis: ais / timpani reocords

krzysztf penderecki / krzysztf penderecki: divertimento for solo
cello (1994) / naxos records

philip glass; etudes for piano / philip glass: etudes #6 / orange mountains

sonic youth; goodbye twentienth century / christian wolff: burdocks
/ syr records

three tales : hindenburg /  steve reich: hindenburg; it could have
been a technical matter: niebelung zepppelin AND a very impressive
thing to see AND i couldn't understand it / nonesuch

john cage; sonatas and interludes for prepared piano / john cage:
sonats 1-4 AND interlude #1 / wergo

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