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Playlist for August 10, 2003
Henry Cowell ~*~ Dynamic Motion ~*~ New Music: Piano Compositions by Henry Cowell ~*~ New Albion

Aaron Copland ~*~ Orchestral Variations ~*~ The Louisville Orchestra: Variations for Orchestra ~*~ First Edition

Luciano Berio ~*~ Petite Suite ~*~ The Complete Works for Solo Piano ~*~ New Albion

Bela Bartok ~*~ String Quartet #5 ~*~ The Six String Quartets ~*~ Sony

Adrian Belew ~*~ Seven E Flat Elephants Eating the Acacia of a c# minor Forest ~*~ The Experimental Guitar Series Vol 1: The Guitar as Orchestra ~*~ Adrian Belew Presents

Fred Frith ~*~ Romanisches Cafe ~*~ Music from the Film: Step Across the Border ~*~ ESD

Nancy Van de Vate ~*~ Three Sound Pieces for Brass and Percussion ~*~ Nancy Van de Vate Vol. II ~*~ Vienna Modern Masters

Charles Ives ~*~ Psalm 67 ~*~ Harvard University Choir

Eric Whitacre ~*~ Cloudburst ~*~ Williamette University Chamber Choir ~*~ Unpublished

Eric Whitacre ~*~ Sleep ~*~ The Complete A Cappella Works ~*~ Arsis Audio

Stephen Scott ~*~ Rainbows II ~*~ New Music for Bowed Piano ~*~ New Albion

Kasar Mie La Gaji ~*~ Williamette University Chamber Choir ~*~ Unpublished

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