Fast Forward


Playlist for March 28, 2003
2-5am theme: Sadness and Madness

Charles Mingus~*~Oh Lord Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb on Me~*~The Complete Atlantic Recordings 1956-1961~*~Atlantic (sad)

Conlon Nancarrow~*~Study for Player Piano No. 3e~*~Studies For Player Piano Vol. I & II~*~Wergo (mad)

Robert Plant~*~Hey Joe~*~Dreamland~*~Universal (mad)

The Doors~*~Unknown Soldier~*~The Best of The Doors~*~Elektra (sad/mad)

Nine Inch Nails~*~Wish~*~Fixed~*~Island (mad)

John Zorn~*~Two-Lane Highway~*~Spillane~*~Elektra/Nonesuch (sad/mad)

Orb~*~Delta MKII~*~Orblivion~*~Island (mad)

Jimi Hendrix~*~Machine Gun~*~Band of Gypsies~*~Capitol (sad/mad)

McCoy Tyner~*~Message from the Nile~*~Extensions~*~Blue Note (sad)

Carlo Domeniconi~*~Koyunbaba~*~John Williams-The Guitarist~*~Sony (sad)

Frank Zappa~*~Plastic People~*~Absolutely Free~*~Ryko

Fantomas~*~Page 3~*~Amenaza al Mundo~*~Ipecac

Raymond Scott~*~Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals~*~Kronos Quartet/Unreleased~*~Nonesuch

Golden Arm Trio~*~The Doomsday Clock, More Sad People, War Tales, Eldonukia, Fort Phantom Hill, Slide~*~J!AX

Fred Frith~*~Romanisches Cafe~*~Step Across the Border~*~Recrec

Sonic Youth~*~Skip Tracer, The Diamond Sea~*~Washing Machine~*~Geffen

The Doors~*~The End~*~The Doors~*~Elektra (sad/mad)

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