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Playlist for March 16, 2003
Pre St. Patrick's Day thematic show

Coulter and Verdery~*~Drops of Brandy, Kaenae, HI~*~Song for Our Ancestos~*~ Solid Air

Philip Glass~*~Tique River, Japura River, Purus River~*~Uakti~*~Point

Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass~*~Channels and Winds~*~Passages~*~Private

John Duke~*~ Just-Spring, Water that Falls and Runs Away, The Mountains are Dancing, There Will Be Stars, Bells in the Rain, Walking in the Rain~*~Just Spring~*~New World

John Cage~*~Mysterious Adventure, And the Earth Shall Bear Again~*~Music for Prepared Piano Vol. 2~*~Naxos

Claude Debussy~*~Preludes II, III,V, VII, Reflections in the Water~*~Pour le Piano~*~Infinity digital

Ferde Grofe~*~Cloudburst~*~Grofe/Gershwin~*~Telarch

Michio Miyagi~*~Haru No Umi (The Sea in Springtime)~*~Schmidt/Verdery Duo~*~ The Enchanted Dawn~*~Doremi

Andrew York/L.A. Guitar Quartet~*~Pacific Coast Highway~*~Labryinth~*~Delos

Andrew York/L.A. Guitar Quartet~*~Muir Woods~*~L.A.G.Q.~*~Sony

Led Zeppelin/Jaz Coleman~*~The Battle of Evermore~*~Kashmir, Symphonic Led Zeppelin~*~Point

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