20th Century Classical Music
Sundays on KUSP, 1 PM - 3 PM
Hosts: Issac Anderson and Peter Koht


John Zorn * Hemachatus Haemachatus * Cobra Live at the Knitting
Factory * Knitting Factory Works

John Zorn * Naja Naja Atra * Cobra Live at the Knitting Factory *
Knitting Factory Works

Gordon Mumma * Medium Size Mograph 1963 * Live-Electronic Music * Tzadik

Anthony De Mare * Double Fiesta (Meredith Monk) * Pianos and Voices
* Koch International Classics

John Cage * Disc 1 * Diary...How to improve the World (You will only
make Matters worse ) * Wergo
    played along, via micraphone, with the birds and traffic outside
KUSP studios

John Cage * Daughters of the Lonesome Isle * Works for piano &
prepared piano Vol. II * Wergo

Leroy Jenkins * Off Duty Dryad * Themes and Variations on the Blues * CRI

Celebrating the Music of Malachi Favors, a bass player, who died 30 Jan 2004:

Muhal Richard Abrams * Levels and Degrees of Light * Levels and
Degrees of Light * Delmark

Muhal Richard Abrams * One Line, Two Views * One Line, Two Views *
New World Records

Roscoe Mitchell Sextet * Ornette * Sound * Delmark

AEC with Cecil Taylor * Nutty (Thelonius Monk) * Dreaming of the
Masters Vol. 2 * DIW

Art Ensemble of Chicago * Tthinitthedalen * Tutankhamun * Black Lion

Kahil El'Zabar's RITUAL TRIO * Pharoah's Song * Africa N'da Blues * Delmark

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