Fast Forward


Playlist for August 6, 2001

Pranam I, Giacinto Scelsi

Still Sorrowing, Thomas Adés

Cheap Imitation, John Cage

Dirge, Hyo-shin Na

Silk to Metal (Korean komungo), K=Jin Hi Kim

Bitches Brew, Miles Davis

Fluttering Tchong, Jin Hi Kim

Tabuh Tabuhan, Colin McPhee

Chit Kyoo thwe tog Nyin Hmar Lar (Burmese traditional)

Three Movements from Petrouska, arr. For piano (III only), Igor Stravinsky

Powerful king of thunder and lightening, U Yee Nwe

Country Band March, Charles Ives

Ventanas, Silvestre Revueltas

Catnus Arcticus, Rautavaara

Tombone Concerto, Christopher Rouse

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