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Dawn Patrol
Sundays, 5 am to 7 am
Hosts: Moondog & Alice V.

dawn patrol 5 march 2nd 2008
song~ artist { album }
another song

cowgirl in the sand~ neil young { road rock }
sassparilla~ tripsnakes
red house~ jimi hendrix { paris }
save the waves~ the surfdusters
desert hound~ the loony tunes
pier pressure~ telsko del rey
like a hurricane~ neil young { decade }
[political commentary]~ mark land
come alive~ 20 grit
sunset night~ ^^^see above
cinnamon girl~ neil young
wipe out~ safari's
because love never dies~ greg eagle
papa~ 20 grit
babe i'm gonna leave you~ led zepplin
if i had eyes~ jack johnson { sleep through the static }
black ashes~ 20 grit
black dog~ led zepplin
go on~ jack johnson
orange blossom road~ dave hanley
the tide
weekend edition

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