Coast Ridge Ramble
Artist                                     Cut                                                      CD                                                 Label

Altan                   The Snowy Path                          A Thistle &Shamrock                          Christmas Laurie Lewis

Tom Rozum               The Snowy Road                      Winter's Grace                  Signature SOunds Steve Gillette

Cindy Mangsen   Restless Wind                             The Light of Day                             Compass Rose

Cosy Sheridan               Barbie                                           Anthymn                                       Wind River

The Therapy Sisters     Codependent Xmas                Codependent Christmas       High Top Tunes

John Prine              Christmas in Prison                             Souveniers                                     Oh, Boy

Herdman,Hills, Mangsen         Years                           At the Turn of the Year               Hand and Heart

Peppion D'Agostino      A Glimpse of Times Past       A  Glimpse of Times Past             Acoustic Music

Jim Page                Billion Dollar Jaw                                   Going Down to Eugene

Utah Phillips           Studid's Pledge                          I've Got to Know  Alcazar

Susan Werner    St. Mary's of Regret                            Introducing  Private

Greg Brown              Ring Around the Moon            Solid Heart  In Harmony

Geoff Muldaur            Prairie Lullaby                                           Password                                 Hightone

Eliza Gilkyson                  The Coast                                Hard Times in Babylon                               Red House

Guy Clark               Water Under the Bridge                     Cold Dog Soup                                    Sugar Hill

Last Forever            Diamond Joe                                   Trainfare Home                                               Nonesuch

The Crooked Jades       Write Me a Letter               The Unfortunate Rake                         Crooked

Tish Hinojosa           A La Nanita Nana                Memorabilia Navidena                          Watermelon

Radim Zenkl             Across the Stormy Sea              Strings and Wings                          Shanachie

Tony Rice Unit           Jerusalem Ridge                              Unit of Measure                              Rounder

Dar Williams            A God Decended                     The Green World                                           Razor and Tie

Mary Black              Turning Away                           Speaking With the Angel                                Curb

Rory Block              The Water is Wide                  Best Blues and Originals                          Rounder

Martin and Jessica
Simpson/Band ofAngels     Lillies of the Field            House on Fire, Vol.2           Red House

artist                                            Cut                                                      CD                                                          Label

Dar Williams                 Roving on a Winter's Night                  Heritage                                Polygram

Chuck Brodsky                     On Christmas                                        Radio                                   Red House

Geoff Muldaur                     At the Christmas Ball                        Password                            Hightone

Hot Buttered Rum               Red Clay Ramblers                                Rambler                           Sugar Hill

Riders in the Sky                         Let it Snow                                    Christmas...                         Rounder
Laurie Lewis/Tom                          Rozum  The Messenger          Winter's Grace                  Signature Sounds

Sally Van Meter                     The Bird That I Held                             All in Good Time            Sugar Hill

Richard Schindel                  Mary Magdalene                                Blue Divide                                Rounder

Cosy Sheridan                                  Barbie                                           Anthymn                                 Wind River

Cathy and Marcy                     Daughers of Feminists                 Parent's Home Companion           Rounder

Mark Levy                               20 Hour Week                                      Sing We Sing

Kathy Matea                           From A Distance                                Time Passes By                           Mercury

Jones and Leva                       Hosannah                                          Journey Home                            Rounder

Wilma Lee Cooper               Tramp on the Street                           Best of the Best                        Federal

Alison Kraus                                 I'll Fly Away                              Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?       Polygram

Kenny Baker                               Blue Mt. Waltz                                         2000                                         OMS

Herdman,Hills,    Mangsen         Winter it is Past                    At the Turning of the Year            Hand and Heart

William Pint/FeliciaDale                    January Man             When I See Winter Return       Watebug

Lucy Kaplansky                             One Good Reason                        Ten Year Night                             Red House

Alisa Fineman                                 Strange Place                                 Better With Time                    Hummingbird

Paul Kamm/Eleanor  McDonald     To Lay me Down                         Calling on Love                     Freewheel

Joel Mabus                                        A Better Voice                                         Firelake                                Fossil

Tony Rice Unit                                       Shennandoah                               Unit of Measure                          Rounder