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Carpe Noctem
Wednesdays, 2- 5am
Host: Chris Magyar
February 27, 2008


Played, Title, Artist

2 AM
1,Come On-a My House,Rosemary Clooney
3,"Click, Click, Click, Click",Bishop Allen
4,Barracuda,Miho Hatori
5,Human Behavior,Bjorkestra
6,Hang on Little Tomato,Pink Martini
7,The Safe Sex is Just a Fantasy Rap,Unknown
8,Be Aggressive,Faith No More
9,Girl With the Vagina Made of Glass,The Billy Nayer Show
10,Dream a Little Dream of Me,Dean Martin
11,Double Game,Illy B
12,Place to Be,Nick Drake
13,Hallelujah,The Helio Sequence
14,Singers Go First,Danielson Famile
15,Kyrie,Mr. Mister
16,Never Get Out of This,Yazbek

3 AM
17,Batman overture,
18,Are You Stoopid?,Bloomtrip
19,Dirty Mind,Sara Melson
20,Have you ever been to a parking lot?,Tammie & Scotty
21,Make the Best of It,Spiv
22,Jack in the Box,Unknown
23,June Gloom,The Like
24,Every Sperm is Sacred,Monty Python
26,Field Below,Regina Spektor
27,Advisory Committee,Mirah / Shok
28,Alien Eye,Eleni Mandell

4 AM
29,"Aretha, Sing One for Me",Cat Power
30,If My Heart Were a Ball it Would Roll Uphill,Marillion
31,Unkol James Brown,Tjupurru
32,Crossing Muddy Waters,John Hiatt
33,A Story in Heaven,Michmash
34,Memory Hole,Bobby Previte
35,Dante's Prayer,Loreena McKennitt
36,Glass Altar,The Sailing
37,Where I Belong,Sia
38,Let the Wolves Howl at the Moon,Super Furry Animals

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