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Carpe Noctem
Wednesdays, 2- 5am
Host: Chris Magyar
February 13, 2008


Played, Title, Artist

2 AM
1, Iko Iko, The Belle Stars
2, First Wave Intact, Secret Machines
3, Palads, Under Byen
4, I'm Just Raw, Lyrics Born
5, In Bloom, Nirvana
6, El Condor Pasa (If I Could), Simon & Garfunkel
7, War Pigs, Faith No More
8, Everyone Got Laid, The Billy Nayer Show
9, Live at Dominoes, The Avalanches
10, Eye of the Tiger, Survivor
11, Her Eyes Are a Million Blue Miles, Captain Beefheart
12, This Is Pop?, XTC
13, Got You by the Balls, AC/DC

3 AM
14, The Gift That Keeps Giving, Super Furry Animals
15, Double Game, "Illy B, Jennifer Charles, Miho Hatori"
16, Beat Me Daddy Eight to the Bar, Andrews Sisters
17, Hot In Herre, Nelly
18, Ecdysis, Mirah & Spectratone Intl.
19, The Stubborn Horse, Mahjongg
20, Vernoona, Augie March
21, Drown, Smashing Pumpkins
22, Lazy, Kim Fox
23, My Pet Lion, Juliana Hatfield
24, Shock & Awe, Chuck D. & Z-Trip
25, Danny Boy, Rufus Wainwright
26, Keep the Car Running, The Arcade Fire
27, Sunshine of Your Love, Bobby McFerrin
28, My First War, Rachael Cantu

4 AM
29, On Time, Noe Venable
30, Persuasion, Tim Finn
31, Obvious, Jane's Addiction
32, Ne Me Quitte Pas, Bic Runga
33, Hallelujah, The Helio Sequence
34, Wylin' Out, Mos Def & Diverse
35, Again, Etta James
36, A&E, Goldfrapp
37, Fly, Ruby
37, Don't Take it Out On Me, Jen Trynin
38, Getting Nowhere, Nanang Tatang
40, Drive Away, Thomas Newman

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