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Carpe Noctem
Wednesdays, 2- 5am
Host: Chris Magyar
November 7, 2007

Played, Title, Artist, Album

2 AM
1, Beer Barrel Polka, The Andrews Sisters
2, Debbie, Architecture in Helsinki, Places Like This
3, The Cloning Device, The Billy Nayer Show, The American Astronaut
4, Jump Into the Fire, Harry Nilsson
5, Where's Eddie?, Echo, Quincy Jones & Bill Cosby remixed
6, Memory, Elaine Page, Cats
7, I Will Survive, Cake, Fashion Nugget
8, I Resign, Jen Trynin, Gun Shy Trigger Happy
9, Is This What I've Been Waiting For?, Some Girls, Crushing Love
10, Polite Dance Song, The Bird and the Bee, Please Clap Your Hands
11, The Garden, Mirah, Advisory Committee
12, Rake It In, Imogen Heap, I Megaphone
13, Poor Little Rich Boy, Regina Spektor, Soviet Kitsch
14, Take a Chance on Me, Erasure
15, Thoughtforms, Lush

3 AM
16, Brundisium, Augie March, Strange Bird
17, Here On In, South, From Here On In
18, Choke, Hybrid, I Choose Noise
19, House of Cards, Radiohead, In Rainbows
20, St. Swithin's Day, Dubstar, Goodbye
21, This Place is Haunted, DeVotchKa, How It Ends
22, Sun, Lamb, Between Darkness and Wonder
23, Primitive, Annie Lennox, Diva
24, Fortunately Gone, The Breeders, Pod
25, What's Up Doc? (Can We Rock?), Shaquille O'Neal, Space Jam
26, Anthem, Butterfingers, The Deeper You Dig
27, Find Me, Elkland, Golden
28, Rulers and the States, data Panik, Demo
29, Bed of Nails, Rockapella, Primer

4 AM
30, C'est Pas D'L'Amour, Rupa & the April Fishes, eXtraOrdinary Rendition
31, On the Road Again, Canned Heat
32, Only the Good Die Young, Billy Joel
33, The Word, The Beatles, Rubber Soul
34, Asshole, Denis Leary, No Cure For Cancer
35, The Boo Hoo Boy, The Essex Green, The Long Goodbye
36, Towering and Flowering, Rob Dickinson, Fresh Wine for the Horses
37, Red Dress, Jonatha Brooke, Steady Pull
38, Breeze, Marilyn Taylor, In the Tide
39, Crutches, Bettie Serveert, Lamprey
40, Lullaby, Pink Martini, Sympathetique
41, How Can We Be Strange?, Bis, Music for a Stranger World
42, Likufanele, Zero7, Simple Things

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