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Carpe Noctem
Wednesdays, 2- 5am
Host: Chris Magyar
October 31, 2007

Played, Title, Artist, Album

2 AM
1,Monster Mash,The Misfits
2,Spider Baby,Fantomas
3,Scary Picture Show,Riot Squad
4,Herb Girls of Birkenau,Rasputina
5,Pensee Des Morts,Kaada
6,The d'Ampton Wyrm,Emilos Machado
7,Die Eier Von Satan,Tool
8,Happy Well Adjusted Psychopath,Butterfingers
9,Dungeons & Dragons,The Dead Alewives
10,Dead Man's Party,Oingo Boingo
11,The Creature,Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
12,Cockroach that Ate Cincinnati,Rose & the Arrangement
13,The March of the Dead,Wumpscutt
14,Evil Dead,Stillborn
15,Cape Fear,Fantomas
16,Horror Movies,Bollock Brothers
17,Horror Head,Curve

3 AM
18,Rocky Horror Show,Original Norwegian Cast
21,Loup Garu,Tanglefoot
22,Rosemary's Baby,Fantomas

4 AM
23,Mothra,Those Darn Accordians!
24,The Struggle Against Unreality Begins,Matmos
25,S.A.L.T.,The Orb
26,Aktion 13f14,Tomahawk
27,Horror of Party Beach,Sloppy Seconds
28,The Graveyard,Jason Webley
29,Dracula's Daughter,Screaming Lord Such
30,Ars Moriendi,Mr. Bungle
31,It Conquered the World,Riot Squad
32,The Blob,Five Blobs
33,Lady in the Lake,Elysian Fields
34,Killer Klowns from Outer Space,Dickies
35,Wounded on the Dance Floor,The B-Movie Kings
36,The Omen (Ave Satani),Fantomas

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