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Carpe Noctem
Wednesdays, 2- 5am
Host: Chris Magyar
October 24, 2007

Played, Title, Artist, Album

2 AM
1,Light to Follow,The Polyphonic Spree,The Fragile Army
2,Hazy Shade of Winter,The Bangles,
3,Through the Dark,KT Tunstall,Eye to the Telescope
4,White Light,Gorillaz,Demon Days
5,Grey Days,The Concretes,In Colour
6,The Dark of the Matinee,Franz Ferdinand,
7,Light up My Room,Barenaked Ladies,Stunt
8,Wrapped in Grey,XTC,Nonsuch
9,Whistling in the Dark,They Might Be Giants,Flood
10,Light's On,The Secret Machines,Now Here is Nowhere
12,Darkness,Lamb,Between Darkness and Wonder
13,Hide in the Light,The Sunshine Fix,Age of the Sun
14,Fade to Black,Acoustic Junction,Strange Days
15,Cry in the Dark,Juliana Hatfield,Beautiful Creature

3 AM
16,Light From a Dead Star,Lush,
18,The Precise Temperature of Darkness,Rachel's / Matmos,Full On Night
19,Light Pattern,Bonobo,"Dial ""m"" for Monkey"
20,Dissolved Girl,Massive Attack,Mezzanine
21,Out of the Dark,Hybrid,Morning Sci-Fi
22,Lamplight,Ruby,Short-Staffed at the Gene Pool
23,Fade to Grey,Midge Ure & Ultravox,
24,Darkness,Peter Gabriel,Up

4 AM
25,Shine a Light,Apples in Stereo,Tone Soul Evolution
26,Fade to Black,Nina Gordon,Tonight and the Rest of My Life
27,I Walk Along Darkened Corridors,They Might Be Giants,Apollo 18
28,Sunlight,Natalie Imbruglia,White Lilies Island
29,Spring Haze,Tori Amos,To Venus and Back
30,Dark Road,Annie Lennox,Songs of Mass Destruction
31,The Light,Mirah,C'mon Miracle
32,Grey Will Fade,Charlotte Hatherley,Grey Will Fade
33,The Darkest Night of All,Lisa Germano,Happiness
34,Daylight Robbery,Imogen Heap,Speak for Yourself
35,Faded Lines,The Secret Machines,Ten Silver Drops
36,Dark Eyes,Devotchka,Super Melodrama
37,Ain't No Sunshine,Joan Osbourne,Breakfast in Bed
38,Real Long Distance,Josh Ritter,The Historical Conquests of…
39,Polite Dance Song,The Bird and the Bee,Please Clap Your Hands

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