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Carpe Noctem
Wednesdays, 2- 5am
Host: Chris Magyar
October 10, 2007

Played, Title, Artist, Album

2 AM
1,15 Steps,Radiohead,In Rainbows
2,Underwater,Architecture in Helsinki,Places Like This
3,Lazer Beam,Super Furry Animals,Love Kraft
4,Nuclear War,Yo La Tengo,
5,Stairway to Heaven,Leningrad Cowboys & Red Army Chorus,
6,House of Cards,Radiohead,In Rainbows
7,Love is Blind,Annie Lennox,Songs of Mass Destruction
8,An Old Friend of the Christies,Oceansize,Frames
9,Phthisis,Sleepytime Gorilla Museum,Of Natural History
10,Aktion 13f14,Tomahawk,Mit Gas

3 AM
11,Nothing's Wrong,Architecture in Helsinki,Places Like This
12,Interview with Cameron Bird,Architecture in Helsinki,
13,Red Turned White,Architecture in Helsinki,Places Like This
14,Reckoner,Radiohead,In Rainbows
15,Pensee Des Morts,Kaada,Romances
17,*2:42.042,Jherek Bischoff,Jherek Bischoff
18,A Place in Displacement,South,Adventures in the Underground Journey to
the Stars
19,All I Need,Radiohead,In Rainbows
20,Regicide,Matmos,The Civil War
21,Not So Easy,Rupa & the April Fishes,eXtraOrdinary Rendition

4 AM
22,Viens Avec Moi,Devotchka,How It Ends
23,C'est Pas D'l'amour,Rupa & the April Fishes,eXtraOrdinary Rendition
24,Choubi,Monsieur Camembert,Live On Stage
25,Sni Bong,Dengue Fever,Dengue Fever
26,*4:49.729,Jherek Bischoff,Jherek Bischoff
27,Only Twin,Oceansize,Frames
28,Forty Six & 2,Tool,Aenima
29,Bleak,Opeth,Blackwater Park
30,Stupid Things I Done,Those Darn Accordions,Squeeze Machine
31,Videotape,Radiohead,In Rainbows
32,*6:26.868,Jherek Bischoff,Jherek Bischoff

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