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Carpe Noctem
Wednesdays, 2- 5am
Host: Chris Magyar
October 3, 2007

Played, Title, Artist, Album

2 AM
1,Groovy Time for a Movie Time,Soda Dog Refreshments Squad,ATHF soundtrack
2,Hold Music,Architecture in Helsinki,Places Like This
3,Cream and Bastards Rise,Harvey Danger,Little By Little
4,Girls Like Status,The Hold Steady,
5,Going Blonde,Juliana Hatfield,Made in China
6,Threshold Apprehension,Black Francis,Bluefinger
7,Everything's Worse,Giant Drag,Heart and Unicorns
8,Skit,ATHF,ATHF soundtrack
9,Carl's Theme,9 Lb. Hammer,ATHF soundtrack
10,Rolling High,The Avalanches,El Producto
11,Minimum Wage,data Panik,Demo
12,The Mesopotamians,They Might Be Giants,The Else
13,Ooh La La,The Ditty Bops,The Ditty Bops
14,Lightning Blue Eyes,The Secret Machines,Ten Silver Drops
15,Wish I,Jem,Finally Woken
16,Hey Eugene!,Pink Martini,Hey Eugene!
17,I Could Spend a Day,Ana Egge,Lazy Days
18,The One,The Like,Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?

3 AM
19,Midnight Zydeco,Nobody's Own,Freak Show
20,Japan,CocoRosie,The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn
21,Utopia,Goldfrapp,Felt Mountain
22,Eat My Dust You Insensitive Fuck,Catherine Wheel,Happy Days
23,A Go Go,Dengue Fever,Sip Off the Mekong
24,Our Lady in Havana,The Essex Green,The Long Goodbye
25,Mountain Cry,Blues Traveler,Travelers & Thieves
26,Bad Habits,The Committee,Extended Play
27,04:49.7,Jherek Bischoff,Jherek Bischoff
28,Avocet,Electric Birds,Panorama
29,Grafitti Bridge,Mavis Staples,Graffiti Bridge
30,Mushaboom,Feist,Let it Die

4 AM
31,Psycho Killer,The Bobs,The Bobs
32,Ramblin' Man,Lemon Jelly,Lost Horizons
33,La La La,The Bird and the Bee,The Bird and the Bee
34,There's a Place for Us,Phil Collins,Both Sides
35,Vernoona,Augie March,"Moo, You Bloody Choir"
36,Up the Roof,Blue Man Group,The Complex
37,Danger Zone,Kenny Loggins,Top Gun
38,Back Off Turkey,Les Claypool,Of Whales and Woe
39,Summer,Charlotte Hatherley,Grey Will Fade
40,I Can't Stand Garrison Keillor,Sean Altman,Jewmongous
41,Skeleton Key,Margot & the Nuclear So-and-Sos,The Dust of Retreat
42,Jealous Hearted Blues,Ma Rainey,

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