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Carpe Noctem
Wednesdays, 2- 5am
Host: Chris Magyar
September 26, 2007

Played, Title, Artist, Album

1,Radio Ga Ga,Queen,
2,Fucking Boyfriend,The Bird and the Bee,The Bird and the Bee
3,"MTV Get Off the Air, Part 2",MC Paul Barman with Princess
Superstar,It's Very Stimulating
4,Tommy the Cat,Primus,
5,Then I Start to Yodel,Princess Ramona,
6,Bulbous Bouffant,The Vestibules,
7,Love U More,Sunscreem,O3
8,Perfect Motion,Sunscreem,O3
9,Lollipop,Mika,Life in Cartoon Motion
10,Through the Void,Sugarstick,
12,Hater,Various,The World is Gone
13,Ornament/The Last Wrongs,Oceansize,Everyone Into Position
14,Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head,They Might Be Giants,They Might Be
15,Highly Illogical,Leonard Nimoy,
16,Woo Hoo,The's,

3 AM
17,Counting II,Harry Nilsson,
18,Mournin' Glory Story,Jen Trynin,For the Love of Harry
19,Battle of Evermore,The Lovemongers,
20,Creep,Tufts Beelzebubs,House
21,Karma Police,Radiohead,OK Computer
22,Don't Go Breaking My Heart,The Mr. T Experience,
23,Dancing Lasha Tumbai,Verka Serduchka,Eurovision Song Contest 2007
25,Battesimo del Fuoco,The Dear Hunter,
26,Oh Fun Key Bay Bee,Space Ghost,Musical Bar-B-Que
27,"What, Sweet Child O Mine, Is This?",The Wonderful World of Joey Cheesy,
28,Loverly Spring,Thomas Newman,Lemony Snicket
29,Just Another Day,Oingo Boingo,Dead Man's Party

4 AM
31,Sucker,Peeping Tom,Peeping Tom
32,What Went Wrong (In Your Head),Supergrass,Supergrass
33,Vaxination,Mahjongg,RaYDONcoNG 2005
34,Come Together,Soundgarden,
35,Nothing Brings Me Down,Emiliana Torrini,Fisherman's Woman
36,The Way I Am,Ingrid Michaelson,Girls and Boys
37,Medicated,PJ Olsson,
38,Eleutheria,Jason Webley,Against the Night
39,Talking in Code,Margot & the Nuclear So-and-Sos,The Dust of Retreat
40,Dear Madam Barnum,XTC,Nonsuch
41,Walking Dead,Z-Trip featuring Chester Bennington,Shifting Gears
42,Ghost of Corporate Future,Regina Spektor,Soviet Kitsch
43,Trilogy,The Monolith,Here Comes the Monolith
44,Star Wars Theme,Meco,

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