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Carpe Noctem
Wednesdays, 2- 5am
Host: Chris Magyar
September 5, 2007

Played, Title, Artist, Album

1,Nowhere Fast,Fire Inc.,Streets of Fire
2,Punch Bag,A Band of Bees,Sunshine Hit Me
3,"Greg, the Stop Sign!",Tism,Best Off
4,The Happy,Princess Superstar,My Machine
5,Jams Run Free,Sonic Youth,Rather Ripped
6,Don't Be So Holy Poly On My Souly,Kit Ream,
7,Animal Midnight,Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks,Pig Lib
8,Clockwork,Augie March,"Moo, You Bloody Choir"
9,Hussy,Crystal Skulls,Blocked Numbers
10,No More,Dirty Projectors,Rise Above
11,Retrovertigo,Mr. Bungle,California
12,Shoot Doris Day,Super Furry Animals,Rings Around the World

13,Antichrist Television Blues,The Arcade Fire,Neon Bible
14,Be Thankful,Charlotte Hatherley,The Deep Blue
15,Allures,Stereolab,Oscillons from the Anti-Sun
16,04:49.7,Jherek Bischoff,Jherek Bischoff
17,Fluffy,Space Ghost,Musical Bar-B-Que
18,House on Fire,The Clientele,Violet Hour
19,The Pruning (Pat O'Brian version),Rasputina,Oh Perilous World
20,Excuse You,MC Paul Barman,Paullelujah!
21,Chime of a City Clock,The High Llamas,Hawaii
22,I Hate Pretending,The Secret Machines,Ten Silver Drops
23,Poison Cup,M. Ward,Post-War
24,Charlotte Mittnacht (the fabulous destiny of),Devotchka,How It Ends
25,Glosoli,Sigur Ros,Takk…

27,Bridge to Nowhere,The Like,Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?
28,Cheer Down,George Harrison,Best of Dark Horse
29,How Many Days,Beth Thornley,Beth Thornley
30,Fiero,Officer Roseland,
31,Burned by the Sun,Beulah,The Coast is Never Clear
32,Else,Built to Spill,Keep It Like a Secret
33,Angelica,Lamb,Between Darkness and Wonder
34,Run DNA,The Avalanches,El Producto
35,Let's Save Tony Orlando's House,Yo La Tengo,And Then Nothing Turned
Itself Inside Out
36,Impossible Germany,Wilco,Sky Blue Sky
37,Everybody Loves a Happy Ending,Tears for Fears,Everybody Loves a Happy Ending

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