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Carpe Noctem
Wednesdays, 2- 5am
Host: Chris Magyar
August 29, 2007

Played, Title, Artist, Album

2 AM
1,On the Radio,The Concretes,In Colour
2,Same Old Story,South,With the Tides
3,She Said She Said,Snake River Conspiracy,
4,Carbonation,Enon,High Society
5,Cream and Bastards Rise,Harvey Danger,Little By Little
6,Heart It Races,Architecture in Helsinki,Heart it Races
7,Ymaelodi Â'r Ymylon,Super Furry Animals,Mwng
8,Germany to Germany,Ratatat,Ratatat
9,The River,Nitin Sawhney,Human
10,Medicated,The Bloodthirsty Lovers,The Delicate Seam
11,DDS Blues,2nu,Ponderous
12,Shoehorn With Teeth,They Might Be Giants,Lincoln
13,Love Smiles,The Billy Nayer Show,The American Astronaut
14,Pain,Charm Farm,Pervert
15,Poison My Eyes,Anthrax,Last Action Hero soundtrack

3 AM
16,Sunshine and Celluloid,Beth Thornley,Beth Thornley
17,Sly,Cat Empire,Two Shoes
18,You're A Pirate,Lazytown,Lazytown
19,Thin Captain Crackers,Augie March,"Moo, You Bloody Choir"
20,Border Village,Melora Creager,Perplexions
21,e-pro vs scream vs tnt,team9 vs beck vs ac/dc,
22,Graffiti My Soul,Girls Aloud,What With the Neighbours Think?
23,I'm Impressed,They Might Be Giants,The Else
24,Monster Mash,The Misfits,
25,Cockroach,Sleepytime Gorilla Museum,Of Natural History
26,South Dakota,Liz Phair,Juvenalia
27,West Virginia,John Linnell,State Songs
28,1000 Seconds,The Secret Machines,Ten Silver Drops
29,One Day All This Could Be Yours,Oceansize,Effloresce
30,Staralfur,Sigur Ros,Agætis Byrjun
31,The Albatross,Sarah Blasko,"What the Sea Wants, The Sea Shall Have"

4 AM
32,Get Some Sleep,Bic Runga,Beautiful Collision
33,Smashing,Giant Drag,Heart and Unicorns
34,The Graveyard,Jason Webley,Counterpoint
35,Rose Hybride De The,Emilie Simon,Vegetal
36,Rise in the Springtime,Lavender Diamond,The Cavalry of Light
37,Say That,Latyrx,The Album
38,Vaxination,Mahjongg,RaYDONcoNG 2005
39,Smoking Umbrellas,Failure,
40,Future Kid,Kara's Flowers,The Fourth World
41,Right Turn,Alice in Chains,Sap
42,Won't Give In,Sara Storer,She Will Have Her Way
43,101 North,Tomahawk,Tomahawk
44,Keep It In the Family,Hybrid,I Choose Noise

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