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Carpe Noctem
Wednesdays, 2- 5am
Host: Chris Magyar
August 8, 2007
  Played, Title, Artist, Album
2 AM
1,Rape This Day,Tomahawk,Mit Gas
2,Peter Gunn Theme (twang mix),Art of Noise,
3,Fish to Fry,The Ditty Bops,Moon Over the Freeway
4,Hold Tight,The Andrews Sisters,
5,Mouth Music,Wesleyen Spirits,House
6,Drupa Welcome,,
7,Jump,Girls Aloud,What Will the Neighbours Say?
8,Bona Fide,Big Chief,Platinum Jive
10,Lonely Avenue,Ian Gillian & Roger Glover,Accidentally On Purpose
11,Don't Look Away,The Helio Sequence,Love and Distance
12,Daddy's In the Doldrums,The Secret Machines,Ten Silver Drops
13,Dreamaniacs,Bettie Serveert,Attagirl

3 AM
14,Cherry Pie,Warrant,
15,Shame On You,Shivaree,Tainted Love
16,Tchorba,Les Yeux Noirs,Tchorba
17,These Boots Are Made for Walkin',KMFDM,
18,The Albatross,Sarah Blasko,"What the Sea Wants, The Sea will Have"
19,Before the Dream,Call & Response,Winds Take No Shape
20,The New Assassin,The Swords Project,The Swords Project
21,The Light,Mirah,C'mon Miracle
22,Rusty Air in Carolina,Mason Bates,
23,Living With a Hernia,Weird Al Yankovic,Polka Party
24,Good Thing,Fine Young Cannibals,
25,Minkey Boodle,Space Ghost,Musical Bar-B-Que
26,The Cemetery,Architecture in Helsinki,In Case We Die
27,Sunshine and Celluloid,Beth Thornley,Beth Thornley
28,Minimum Wage,data Panik,Demo

4 AM
29,Clockwork,Augie March,"Moo, You Bloody Choir"
30,Watercourse,Dappled Cities,Granddance
31,Hawaii Five-O,The Ventures,
32,Knock That Door,Enon,Lost Marbles and Exploded Evidence
33,ABC,The Pipettes,We Are the Pipettes
34,Do You Know (What It Takes)?,Robyn,Robyn is Here
35,The Pool,Tori Amos,Winter
36,No More,Dirty Projectors,Rise Above
37,Thunderstorm,Gen Orange,
38,Our Givest,Brother Daniel,Brother is to Son
39,The Mesopotamians,They Might Be Giants,The Else
40,The Chimbley Sweep,The Decemberists,Her Majesty the Decemberists
43,Can't Help Falling in Love,UB40,
44,The Pink Panther Theme,Henry Mancini

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