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Carpe Noctem
Wednesdays, 2- 5am
Host: Chris Magyar
August 1, 2007
  Played, Title, Artist, Album
1,No More,Dirty Projectors,Rise Above
2,Goodbye Sober Day,Mr. Bungle,California
3,Just Another Day,Oingo Boingo,Dead Man's Party
4,Things Against Stuff,Danielson Famile,Brother is to Son
5,White Rabbit,Blue Man Group,The Complex
6,Theme from 2001,Kazoo Orchestra,
8,Anthem,Butterfingers,The Deeper You Dig
9,Kyrie,Mr. Mister,
10,Song 9,Rockapella,Rockapella
11,Captain Max,The KGB,
12,Come On-A My House,Rosemary Clooney,
13,Housemate Troubles,MC Paul Barman,It's Very Stimulating
14,Looks That Kill,Shivaree,Tainted Love
15,You Broke My Heart,Lavendar Diamond,The Cavalry of Light
16,You Don't Love Me Anymore,Polyphony,
17,Kung Fu,Ash,

1 AM
18,20 Years of Snow,Regina Spektor,Begin to Hope
19,Charlotte Mittnacht (the Fabulous Destiny of),Devotchka,How it Ends
20,Under the Bridge,All Saints,All Saints
21,Anastasia Babylon,Cherry Bomb Club,Cherry Bomb Club
22,Holy Chord,Dappled Cities,Granddance
23,Blizzard of '78,Ida,The Braille Night
24,Fake Plastic Trees,Radiohead,The Bends
25,Synthetic Symphony,Hopewell,Hopewell & the Birds of Appetite
26,Smart Girls,Brian Wilson,
27,Drinking Song,Jason Webley,Counterpoint
28,Fire Coming Out of a Monkey's Head,Gorillaz,Demon Days
29,Be Aggressive,Faith No More,Angel Dust
30,Hearsay,Jonatha Brooke,Careful What You Wish For

2 AM
31,White Lillies,Peder featuring Ane Trolle,And He Just Pointed to the Sky…
32,Spin the Bottle,Juliana Hatfield,Become What You Are
33,Listen for the Weather,Bic Runga,Beautiful Collision
34,This House,Edison Glass,A Burn or a Shiver
35,As the Stars Fall,The Cinematic Orchestra,
36,The Reaper Rap,Steve Vai,Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
37,Ghost (Haunted House),DeatHat,Eponymy
38,The Wren in the Furze,The Chieftains,Bells of Dublin
39,Salvation is Created,The Concordia Choir,Salvation is Created
40,Cats are C**nts,Triumph the Insult Comic Dog,Come Poop With Me
41,Delta Fo' Shizzle,,
42,Run DNA,The Avalanches,El Producto
43,The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince,
44,The Last Trumpet,Lyrics Born,Later That Day…
45,Girls' School,Rasputina,Frustration Plantation

3 AM
46,One Day All This Could Be Yours,Oceansize,Effloresce
47,Paint the Silence,South,From Here On In
48,Can't Get You Out of My Head,Kylie Minogue,
49,Break it Down Again,Tears for Fears,Elemental
50,The Pirate Song,,The Pirate Movie
51,Cliches,Monsieur Camembert,Live on Stage
52,Anybody Listening?,Queensryche,Empire
53,Daddy Sang Bass,Johnny Cash,
54,Alphabet of Nations,They Might Be Giants,Here Come the ABCs
55,Siberia,Charlotte Hatherley,The Deep Blue
56,Kill the Messenger,Shawn Colvin,Fat City
57,Go Ahead,Jen Tryning,Gun Shy Trigger Happy
58,Pontchartrain,Vienna Teng,Dreaming Through the Noise
59,Pop! Goes the Weasel,"Sharon, Lois & Bram",

4 AM
60,To Be By Your Side,Nick Cave,Winged Migration
61,Skeleton Key,Margot & the Nuclear So-and-Sos,The Dust of Retreat
62,My Name is Love,Rob Dickinson,Fresh Wine for the Horses
63,Better Version of Me,Fiona Apple,Extraordinary Machine (Jon Brion)
64,The Conversation,The Bloodthirsty Lovers,The Delicate Seam
65,Naked Eye,Luscious Jackson,Fever In Fever Out
66,Authenticity,Harvey Danger,King James Version
67,Drop Dead,Lunachicks,
68,Divorce Song,Liz Phair,Exile in Guyville
69,The Bad Touch,Bloodhound Gang,Hooray for Boobies
70,Walking on Broken Glass,Annie Lennox,Diva
71,Brain Damage,Blake Babies,God Bless the Blake Babies
72,Eye,Eve's Plum,Higher Learning
73,Pick Up,Bonobo,"Dial ""M"" for Monkey"
74,Lightning Strike Rescue Op,Mark Mothersbaugh,The Life Aquatic

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