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Carpe Noctem
Wednesdays, 2- 5am
Host: Chris Magyar
July 4, 2007
  Played, Title, Artist, Album
1,Star Spangled Banner,Sound of the Rockies,
2,American Astronaut,Billy Nayer Show,American Astronaut
3,South Carolina,John Linnell,State Songs
4,Indiana,Rockapella,Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
5,"Montgomery, Alabama",Yazbek,Damascus
6,The Presidents,Animaniacs,Variety Pack
7,Geek U.S.A.,Smashing Pumpkins,Siamese Dream
8,Nowhere Fast,"Fire, Inc.",Streets of Fire
9,Oregon,John Linnell,State Songs
10,Magic America,Blur,Parklife
11,Idaho,John Linnell,State Songs
12,Ohio Heat,Super Furry Animals,Love Kraft
13,Cleveland Rocks,Presidents of the USA,Pure Frosting
14,July,Emm Gryner,Public
15,Mississippi,John Linnell,State Songs
16,Myth America,Laptop,The Old Me VS. The New You
17,Florida,Patty Griffin,Impossible Dream
18,USA,Hacksaw Jim Duggan,WWF All-Stars
19,Pennsylvania Polka,The Andrews Sisters,
20,Utah,John Linnell,State Songs
21,Run to the Hills,,
22,Stars and Stripes Forever,Matmos,The Civil War
23,When I'm President,Extreme,Pornograffiti
24,Jimmy Carter Says Yes,Gene Marshall,American Song Poem Anthology
25,Richard Nixon,Rod & The MSR Singers,American Song Poem Anthology
26,Maine,John Linnell,State Songs
27,America,Simon & Garfunkel,
28,American Pie,The King's Singers,Good Vibrations
29,California Floating in Space,Call & Response,Call & Response
30,West Virginia,John Linnell,State Songs
31,Kids in America,Bloodhound Gang,Use Your Fingers
32,"July, July!",The Decemberists,Castaways & Cutouts
33,Iowa,John Linnell,State Songs
34,American Girl,Melora Creager,Perplexions
35,Capital,Rockapella,Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
36,Tennessee,Shawn Colvin,Fat City
37,New York State of Mind,Billy Joel,
38,I Am An American,James Lileks,
39,Arkansas,John Linnell,State Songs
40,Kentucky Nocturne,Rachel's,Selenography
41,"Roma, Texas",Rexway,Last Call Scars
42,Montana,John Linnell,State Songs
43,Louisiana,Mary's Danish,Circa
44,Phantom of the American Mother,Catherine Wheel,Adam & Eve
45,Michigan,John Linnell,State Songs
46,July,The Pipettes,We Are the Pipettes
47,Virginia,Tori Amos,Scarlet's Walk
48,"Tatanka, Native American",Tatanka,WWF All-Stars
49,Nevada,John Linnell,State Songs

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