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Carpe Noctem
Wednesdays, 2- 5am
Host: Chris Magyar
June 27, 2007
  Played Title Artist Album
1,Gotta Get Up,Harry Nilsson,
2,Mass Romantic,The New Pornographers,Mass Romantic
3,Stuff and Nonsense,Split Enz,
4,Breath,Pearl Jam,Singles
5,1 BR / 1 BA,Vienna Teng,Dreaming Through the Noise
6,Operation Ground and Pound,Dragonforce,Inhuman Rampage
7,Scatman,Scatman John,I'm the Scatman
8,Scat Sandwich,Space Ghost,Surf & Turf
9,Beat Box,Matisyahu,Live at Stubb's
10,Guaranteed Nightlite,Polyphonic Spree,The Fragile Army
11,Believe It mix,,
12,Am I The Man?,Jackie Wilson,
13,Hikky-Burr,Quincy Jones & Bill Cosby,The Sessions
14,Jesus Ranch,Tenacious D,
14,Summer of Love,Xiren,Bullets & Rainbows
15,Holiday,The Other Ones,
16,In Another Life,Jennifer Love Hewitt,Let's Go Bang
17,Behave,Charlotte Hatherley,The Deep Blue
18,A Beautiful Girl,John Rydgren,
20,What a Good Boy,The Duke's Men of Yale,
21,I Lost My Girl to an Argentinian Cowboy,Unknown,American Song-Poem
22,Hot Lava,Mahjongg,RaYDONcoNG 2005
23,I've Found a New Friend,They Might Be Giants,Apollo 18
24,Istanbul,Monsieur Camembert,Live on Stage
25,Water,The Sugarcubes,Great Crossover Potential
26,Contra,The Minibosses,
27,One Way to Leave Your Lover,Steve Martin,Let's Get Small
28,Bad Babysitter,Princess Superstar,Is
29,Ladyshave,Gus Gus,This is Normal
30,Submarino Amarillo,Los Mustang,
31,Drinkenstein,Sylvester Stallone,Rhinestone
32,"Please, Kind Sir",PDQ Bach,The Dreaded PDQ Bach
33,All OK,Something for Rockets,Something for Rockets
34,Hogging All the Islands,Soul-Junk,1958
35,Run With Us,Lisa Lougheed,
36,Born to be Wild,Ozzy Osbourne & Miss Piggy,Kermit Unpigged
37,Tool Calendar Girl,David Yazbek,Tock
38,Let Us Make a Record,Sister Gertrude Morgan,
39,Untitled,Ingrid Michaelson,Girls and Boys
41,My Insomnia,Noe Venable,Boots
42,Wylin' Out,Mos Def & Diverse,Redneck Olympics
43,The Commander Thinks Aloud,The Long Winters,Ultimatum
44,Rock and Roll,Rasputina,Lost & Found
45,Mary Jane,Alanis Morissette,Jagged Little Pill
46,Buckaroo Bonzai Suite,Neil Norman Cosmic Orchestra,Buckaroo Bonzai

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