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It Takes All Kinds
 Wed, 1pm - 3pm
Host:  Bruce Larsen
October 31, 2007
ITAK Halloween


Tom Waits- What's He Building?- Mule Variations- ANTI
Wayne Kramer- Nelson Algren Stopped By- Adult World- MuscleTone
Velvet Monkeys- Spooky-Go

The Viking Band- Phom Rak Khoon Tching Tching- Thai Beat A Go-Go Vol 1- Subliminal Sounds
Mystery Track- Only In America- Arf!Arf!
New Bangs- Go Go Kitty- Only In America- Arf!Arf!
Surapon alias The Fox- Nang Maew Pee (The Ghost Of Catwoman)- Thai Beat A Go-Go Vol 2- Subliminal Sounds

The Forbidden Five- Enchanted Farm- Organs In Orbit- Capital
Herter's Crow Calling Record- Part One- Only In America- Arf!Arf!
Herter's Crow Calling Record- Part Two- Only In America- Arf!Arf!
Stu Mitchell- Acid- Only In America- Arf!Arf!
Brian Auger and Trinity- Season Of The Witch- Auger Rhythms- Ghosttown

The Sonics- The Witch- Here AreThe Sonics- Norton
The Who- Boris The Spider- A Quick One- MCA
The Centurians- Bullwinkle Part 2- Pulp Fiction- MCA
Ned Sublette- Ghost Riders In The Sky- Cowboy Rhumba- Palm Pictures

Ken Nordine- Fliberty Jib- How Are Things In Your Town?- Blue Thumb
Five Jones Boys- Mr. Ghost Goes To Town- The Human Orchestra- ClankaLanka
Bessie Jones- Oh Death- So Glad I'm Here- Rounder
Johnny Cash- The Beast In Me- American Recordings- Columbia

Bertolt Brecht- Mack The Knife- September Songs- Sony
The Jethros- Unchained Melody- Love Musix- Rumblestiltskin
William S. Burroughs- What Keeps Mankind` Alive?- September Songs- Sony
The Honeymoons- The Formula Of Science- Welcome To Dreamland- Celluloid

Bob Marley and The Wailers- Mr. Brown- Rasta Revolution- Trojan
Lee Perry and The Upsetters-Side Gate- Cloak and Dagger- Black Art
Peter Tosh- Burial- Legalize It- Columbia

The Velvet Monkeys- Trance Band and Process- Spooky- Go
The Doors- The End- The Doors- Elektra

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