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"Aeolian Impromptu"
HOST: Dan Garr
Playlist for September 6, 2005

Allan Pettersson, Barefoot Songs (1945). Eskil Hemberg, Academy Choir (Caprice).
Richard Rodney Bennett, Symphony No. 1 (1965), Igor Buketoff, Royal Philharmonic Orch. (RCA)
Alban Berg, Lyric Suite (1926), Juilliard String Quartet (RCA)
Allan Pettersson, Symphony No. 7 (1965), Antal Dorati, STockhom Phil. (London).
Stephen Demski, Piano Trio (1977), Rolf Schulte (v), Fred Sherry (c), Alan Feinberg (p), CRI
Richard Hoffman, Orchestra Piece 1961, Robert Baustian, Oberlin College Conservatory
Orch. (Acoustic Research).
Alun Hoddinott, First Nocturne for Piano , Op. 9 (1956), Valerie Tryon (p) (Lyrita).

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