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  • urban-revit

    Deciding KUSP's Future

    In the next few weeks KUSP will make important strategic decisions - probably affecting the nature of the station. Get informed & offer feedback ... » more

  • fog-water

    Drowned Out

    Sound is how whales navigate. See how our invisible noise is blinding them. ... » more

  • fog-water

    Earthquake-Proof Desk

    At 57 pounds, the desk is light enough for two students to move around the classroom. It can withstand 2,200 pounds dropped on top of it. ... » here

  • urban-revit

    Keeping a Sanctuary Clean

    Volunteers and staff regularly fill a giant 30-40 yard dumpster with garbage at Elkhorn Slough. KUSP's Rex Sanders has the story. ... » more

  • urban-revit

    Review: Gidden's Solo Debut

    A founding member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, lead singer Rhiannon Giddens just released her first solo album. KUSP's Eric Berg reviews ... » more

  • fog-water

    Perception, Mind & Matter

    Renowned philosopher John Searle discusses where his brethren have gone wrong, subjectivity and objectivity and other philosophical problems. ... » more

  • urban-revit

    Tech Center in Pajaro Valley

    Digital NEST provides classes and computers to help Watsonville kids develop tech skills.  ... » more

  • fog-water

    A Smile Goes a Long Way

    AmeriCorps' Reading Corps now focus on helping the earliest grades in disadvantaged communitites to acquire critical reading skills. ... » more


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Three public meetings May 21-June 2.
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