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June 17, 2006

Strategies for sinusitis, An uncommon surgical complication and two callers wondering if they need surgery for two different problems: hernia and arthritic knees.

June 10, 2006
Intermittent Explosive Syndrome (aka, "road rage") and more on the wonderful world of hormones for therapy and the environmental nightmare of hormone-like pollutants.

June 03, 2006
Interview with Dr. Helen Nunberg about Medical Marijuana: How CA legalized marijuana law (SB240) is implemented, practical and research findings about its use for a variety of medical problems

May. 20, 2006
Controlling mosquitos and the diseases they carry; Calcium supplements important during pregnancy; Are micornized metallic sunscreens environmentally safe?; Environmental chemical sensitivities explained in an interview with Dr. William J. Rae, founder of the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, TX.

May. 13, 2006
Managing body annoyances that won't kill like bursitis; Cysts and Neuropathy; Why falling down for no good reason is a good reason to see a doctor; Adult catch-up immunizations; An update on Lyme disease prevention.

May 6, 2006
A complex web emerges as Dr. Dawn discusses a recently identified side effect of Fosamax and similar drugs.

Apr. 29, 2006
Why understanding individual genetic differences are central to medicine; all about generic drugs and erectile disfunction.

Apr. 22, 2006
Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Bland from the Institute of Functional Medicine about Detoxification, pharmacogenetics, and the personalization of medical treatmeant

Apr. 15, 2006
Anti-appetite drug, Methadone for pain; The importance of vaccines; Residual Bell's Palsy symptoms; and a host of unusual medical calls.

Apr. 08, 2006
Your probability of dying in next 4 years; Caffeine and heart attack risks; Nicotine supplements protect cancer cells; how to find a compatible doctor; Reading and power walking.